emt training cincinnati ohioLooking For EMR and EMT Training Cincinnati, Ohio?

Are you looking for EMT and EMR training courses in Cincinnati, Ohio? Premier Health and Safety Academy is a team of fully equipped professionals who can offer quality educational training to prepare you for emergency situations. We offer BLS classes, PALS classes, and much more. Our educational options are perfect for those who need training in clinical emergency department rotations, didactic training, and more.

Why choose PHSA for EMT training in Cincinnati, Ohio? Because our approach to learning really works. We are able to equip you with the skills and practical knowledge that you’ll need to succeed in pre-hospital emergency care. Our instructors all come from real-world experience and knowledgeable backgrounds that give them the skills and qualifications needed to act as educators. From BLS classes to ACLS certifications, we’ve got the courses you need. 


EMR and EMT Training In Cincinnati | What To Expect

The Premier Health and Safety Academy offers both EMT and EMR training in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our training courses encompass a broad range of skills in the field of pre-hospital emergency care. 

EMR training is also known as Emergency Medical Responder training. This entry-level course prepares trainees for a career in first responder settings. This could mean a wide range of professions: police officer, fire marshal, technical specialist, public works employee, and more. 

Because EMR courses in Cincinnati, Ohio, are so widely applicable, they need to prepare students for any emergency situation. No one likes to imagine a medical emergency happening on the job, but the reality is that these situations happen all the time. As a professional, you need to be able to handle trauma emergencies before the paramedics arrive. Once you complete our EMR course in Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll be ready to mitigate these situations and you’ll be prepared to continue on and seek certification as a first responder, in whatever field you choose.

In addition, we offer EMT B classes in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our EMT B classes provide entry level training for a professional pre-hospital care provider. In order to become an EMT, you must be trained in basic life support. That’s why we also offer BLS classes in Cincinnati, Ohio, for those looking to gain these skills as well. What is included in BLS training? Every course differs slightly. In general you can expect to learn critical problem solving, CPR certification, obstructed airway training, legal considerations, and opioid overdoses. A BLS course should equip you with all the basic skills you need to feel confident in these emergency situations.

Our EMT B courses in Cincinnati, Ohio, instruct students on how to assess a trauma scenario and mitigate stabilization in non-life threatening situations. If you are seeking the best in instruction and resources, you’ll find it at Premier Health and Safety Academy. 

Premier Health & Safety Academy offers ACLS - PALS - BLS - EMT Training - CPR Certification Courses

Why Choose Premier Health and Safety? | EMT B Classes Cincinnati Ohio

Premier Health and Safety Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company accredited by the State of Ohio for EMR and EMT B classes near you. We ensure all of our students feel confident in their work in emergency medical services, no matter the career path they take. 

We offer EMT B and EMR training, ACLS certification, and BLS classes in Cincinnati, Ohio. We want each and every student to know that their questions will be answered, and they will graduate from our courses with the confidence to succeed. 

If you’re looking for emergency training in Cincinnati, Ohio, contact the Premier Health and Safety Academy today.