Mark Dailey, NRP, FP-C, EMSI, Lead Paramedic Instructor

Mark Dailey began his career as an EMT in 1986, a firefighter in 1987, and a paramedic in 1988.  While serving part-time on the Brecksville Fire Department, he was hired on the Brecksville Police Department as a part-time police officer, graduating the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in 1989.  He managed shifts for both agencies while working full-time for Lakewood Hospital as a paramedic for the city of Lakewood, and also functioned as a SWAT Medic for the Southeast Enforcement Bureau (S.E.B.) and the Westshore Enforcement Bureau (W.E.B.).

Mark continued to build on his EMS education by becoming a State of Ohio EMS instructor in 1992, and later worked as a critical care paramedic for Saint Vincent Charity Hospital’s LifeStar critical care transport team.  This was Mark’s segue into University Hospitals MedEvac as a Flight Paramedic in 1999, where he continues to work full-time in the field.

Aside from Mark’s experience in EMS, Critical Care Transport, Law Enforcement and SWAT operations, he established himself as an EMS instructor by teaching entry level EMT’s and Paramedics using a very dynamic teaching style.  Mark uses his eclectic background in public service to create an educational platform that prepares his students to a level that far exceeds state requirements.  Students that graduate from Mark’s training employ a diverse knowledge base in all areas of EMS application, hospital paramedicine, critical care transport, and tactical medicine.

Additionally, Mark has a background in wilderness medicine and survival training, preparing his students with unconventional patient care strategies, and even personal self-defense, for which he is a certified ITF/WTF Black Belt in TaeKwonDo.  Mark holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health Science/Criminal Justice, and retains the following accredited certifications: National Registry Paramedic (NRP); Flight Paramedic-Certified (FP-C); Emergency Medical Services Instructor (EMSI); ACLS-I; BLS-I; PALS-I; ITLS-I; AMLS-I; Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (NRP); Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS).