What is a PALS Class?

The Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Class is an instructional course for anyone that would be in a position to respond to or provide care for infants and young children in emergency situations. Responding to and treating Infant and child-related emergencies can be entirely different from that of an adult, and this course is geared towards educating participants on how to react and treat appropriately during all infant and child-related emergencies.  

Who Needs a PALS Certification? 

For physicians, nurses and paramedics completion and recertification is a requirement. For those currently working (or planning to) with emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care, and critical care units then PALS is the course for you. However, if you are still unsure of which course you need, contact your employer for more information. 

What To Expect From a PALS  Course 

When a child’s life is in your hands, it’s vital that you and your team respond in a timely and comprehensively manner. Our goal is to prepare individuals to handle the situation all the while working together as a team.

This classroom, Instructor-led 2-day course uses a series of videos and simulated pediatric emergencies to reinforce the important concepts of a systematic approach to pediatric assessment, basic life support, PALS treatment algorithms, effective resuscitation, and team dynamics. 

PALS Course Content Includes:

  • Child CPR and AED use
  • Infant CPR
  • Cardiac, respiratory and shock case discussions and simulations
  • Key changes in pediatric advanced life support
  • Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care
  • Management of respiratory emergencies
  • Rhythm disturbances and electrical therapy
  • Systematic Approach to Pediatric Assessment
  • Infant or Child Transport Scenarios


Is an AHA PALS Course the Right Choice for Me?

If you are unsure about taking PALS classes near me, then it helps to understand exactly who benefits from PALS training. PALS training is geared toward healthcare providers who are first responders in emergencies involving infants and children. This could mean emergency medicine, intensive care, and working in critical care units.

After completing a PALS course near me, students will receive a completion certificate that is valid for two years. Before investing time into ACLS and PALS classes near me, it helps to check with your employer and do plenty of research to inform your decision.

So what should you expect from taking PALS classes near me at the Premier Health & Safety Academy? Our PALS training is an instructor-led, two-day course that uses a series of learning techniques to ensure students remember essential information. While you can complete certain facets of PALS classes near me online, interacting face-to-face with experts is invaluable. You have the chance to ask questions as they arise, build relationships, and learn from the best.

A PALS course near me may differ slightly depending on the instructor, but with any type of PALS training, you can expect to learn child and infant CPR, AED use, cardiac and respiratory case simulations, and more. ACLS and PALS classes near me are an essential part of pursuing a career in infant and child emergency care, and when your choose Premier Health & Safety for your PALS course near me, you will be prepared with the skills needed to succeed.

Taking ACLS and PALS Classes Near Me from PHSA

CPR courseHere at the Premier Health & Safety Academy, we are pleased to offer ACLS and PALS training that prepares students for the intense and fast-paced world of Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Our instructors are highly qualified experts in the field of EMS and are here to help students learn through PALS training and other classes.

We are dedicated to teaching EMS education and American Heart Association (AMA) courses. Whether you are seeking PALS classes near me, or another type of training, we can help EMS technicians further their careers thanks to our range of class offerings. Premier Health & Safety Academy is the first step in a long, successful career in pre-hospital emergency care.

If you have questions about our PALS classes near me, contact us today.

Visit our upcoming PALS courses on the Education/Events page that locate dates and times, and even register for all courses we have available for enrollment.