Penny Palmer, NRP, EMSI, Instructor

Penny Palmer began her EMS career in 2005. She became an EMT for Grafton Township Volunteer Fire Department with the hopes and intentions of helping within her community. She quickly realized that this was far more gratifying than she once thought. Starting on this path later in life than most, she was unable to further her EMS career immediately. While volunteering as an EMT, she enjoyed time with her family and raising 5 children. During this time, Penny also became an AHA instructor. This was quite possibly a turning point. Penny found joy in sharing the knowledge that she had gained. As the years passed and children required less of her time, she decided it was her turn to grow. She advanced her education and became a Paramedic in 2016. There was no doubt that she would continue to share what she had learned. Shortly thereafter she became an EMSI. Penny spends a great amount of time in the lab setting. Penny aims to assist you in reaching your goals on the EMS path.